Committed to Our Outdoor Heritage

International Bowhunters Education Program

   “to promote responsible bowhunting through education”

The National Bowhunters Educational Foundation (NBEF) administers the International Bowhunters Education Program (IBEP) in cooperation with state and provincial hunter education programs.


While the Ontario Hunter Education course includes an archery and bowhunting component, the IBEP provides more in-depth skill information.





  • Introduction to Bowhunting
  • Wildlife Conservation
  • Safe & Responsible Bowhunting
  • Know Your Bow and Arrow
  • Preparation Before the Hunt
  • Use of Elevated Stands and Other Bowhunting Techniques
  • Shot Placement and Recovery Techniques
  • Outdoor Preparedness




Course fee $145.00**Note: Fee includes course, manual, exam and HST.
Exam only $20.00 plus HST
Manual only $10.00 plus HST


  • Students require one piece of valid government identification ex. drivers license, birth certificate, passport etc.
  • Full attendance is mandatory
  • Firearms and/or live ammunition are not permitted in class. Deactivated firearms and dummy ammunition will be provided.

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